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How to Organize Your Hair Products in 4 Easy Steps

How to Organize Your Hair Products in 4 Easy Steps

You cringe at the sight of disorganized bottles, brushes, and styling tools e very time you open a drawer in your bathroom . “There must be a better way,” you think to yourself. Thankfully, there is, and it won’t break the bank or end up taking too much time away from your busy day.  

So, depending on the time of day, grab yourself a coffee or a glass of wine and get to organizing with these 4 simple steps:


Use containers to compartmentalize your styling tools

We’ve all been there…you had a gazillion bobby pins and then suddenly, you’re down to 1. When you’ve got styling tools and product floating free in a drawer, things just tend to get lost or shuffled around. To help keep smaller hair products and styling tools (e.g. bobby pins, hair ties, and scrunchies), place them in small, size appropriate containers. Check the bathroom, kitchen, and closet aisles of your local Target to find containers of various sizes and styles.


Hang up your hot tools and hairspray

If your hot tools look more like something out of a mechanical closet than something you use to beautify yourself, then it’s time to neatly arrange them in a door organizer. There’s a variety of door organizers out there – woven, plastic, or metal – and you can easily find ones with different sized pockets and shelves. Utilize the space to store bigger bottles of product like hairspray, mousse, and shampoo.


Use a lazy Susan to find hair products easily 

You know that thing your mom uses to keep spices and other random kitchen stuff on? Well, it’s also very useful in the bathroom. Grab a lazy Susan in the kitchen aisle – they come in a variety of finishes – and then load it up with small to medium sized hair products. When you need a product, just spin! The lazy Susan makes for a pretty display too, so you can confidently place this on your counter.


Use a closet to store hair products

If you’re limited on bathroom space or you’re just a product junkie (it’s ok…we are too!), then utilize space in your linen closet or clothes closet to neatly store hair items. We know it may be hard to make room, but do you really need those shoes you haven’t worn in over a year? We like to organize our styling tools and product in clear bins so it’s easy to see all those beautiful bottles of hair products.