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The 4 Brushes Every Woman Should Own

The 4 Brushes Every Woman Should Own

A cousin to the comb, hair brushes were once only accessible to royalty or the rich. Lucky for you, you don’t have to be a royal or a sheik to own a brush nowadays. In fact, most women own more than just one brush and more than likely own two or three.

Not all brushes are the same, however, and some serve a very specific purpose. Although you’d probably find a drawer full of brushes in every one of our homes (we ARE in the hair biz; wink, wink) there’s just some even we couldn’t live without.

The 4 brushes every woman should own, include:


Wet Brush

Designed with unique flexible bristles, the Wet Brush easily brushes out wet, damp, and dry hair without any pulling or snagging. The company’s website claims, “Finally, the tears (and curses) stopped,” and we couldn’t agree more. This brush glides through hair, particularly wet hair, like skates on ice and is a favorite of ours for prepping hair for styling.


Round brush

Just as the name implies, the round brush has a round barrel head. The round shape of the brush helps create volume – think big and bouncy blowout. There’s an almost endless variety of round brushes available. You can get them in different sizes, (ranging from extra small to extra large) and different bristles.

The length of your hair will largely determine the size of the round brush you choose. Choose a smaller barreled brush if your hair is on the shorter and vice versa for longer lengths.


Mixed bristle brush

Mixed bristle brushes are made with both nylon (synthetic) and boar (natural) bristles. Why two different types of bristles? Nylon bristles help detangle locks while natural bristles, which are usually shorter in length, help distribute oils and smooth cuticles. Regular use of a mixed bristle brush can help remove impurities like uric acid from the scalp and increase blood circulation.

Travel brush

Often overlooked, but a must for keeping your mane in tip top shape, the travel size brush (or any smaller sized brush for that matter) is a must in our book. Although small, there’s a number of options when selecting a travel size brush – round, foldable, and encased. Keep in mind; because travel brushes are often thrown into the depths of purses or carry-on bags, you may need to replace it more often than a regular hair brush.