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The 4 Most Popular Types of Curls

The 4 Most Popular Types of Curls

If you weren’t blessed with naturally curly hair, you’ve more than likely used a curling iron to achieve what doesn’t come naturally. And, unless you’re a pro stylist, it’s more than likely your curl repertoire is limited.

New styling tools and products have helped birth a whole new generation of curl styles and techniques.


Ringlet/tight curls

Ringlet curls or tight curls as they’re also called are reminiscent of Beyonce’s or Shakira’s most popular hairstyles. Woven tightly around a small curling iron, small sections of hair are left to cool and then finger brushed to maintain the small size of the curl.

For those blessed with this type of curl naturally, it’s best to let hair air dry and then gently style with a finger or small comb.


Beach/relaxed waves

  The most coveted curl currently, beach waves can be achieved without a trip to the beach. Although there are a few ways to achieve beach waves, our favorite technique is to:

  • Prep with a styling product like mousse (try Oribe’s Curl Shaping Mousse)
  • Start at about 1 ½” from the crown of the head
  • Wrap 1” sections of hair around a medium to large barreled curling iron for approximately 3 – 4 seconds. Make sure to alternate the direction of the curl with each section of hair to give a more lived in, less uniform look. Oh, and leave the ends of hair free from the barrel
  • Shake curls out before spraying a light hold hairspray.

Full/flat curls

If you’re looking for a more traditional look, full, flat curls are the way to go. Larger sections of hair are wrapped around a medium to large barrel curling iron without twisting the hair. When attempting this technique, think of creating a flat sheet of paper with your hair before placing on the iron. The entire length of the section of hair is placed on the iron – root to tip.

After leaving the hair on the iron for a few seconds, gently release curl and let cool. For more hold, set hair with a setting clip. After hair has cooled completely, unclip and style.


Twisted/full curls

For a slightly different take on the more traditional full curl, twist hair before wrapping around a medium barreled curling iron. You don’t need to twist the hair very tight or worry about the twist being perfect. The uneven pattern of the curl adds texture and makes it look more natural.