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How to Use a Bobby Pin the Right Way

How to Use a Bobby Pin the Right Way

It may not seem like one of the most basic of hair styling tools – the bobby pin – could be that hard to use, right? Well, according to styling experts, you may unknowingly cause damage to hair if you’re not aware of these bobby pin faux pas…


Using a stripped-down bobby pin is probably one of the worst things you can do for you hair. Without those little plastic balls covering the ends of a metal bobby pin, your hair can be broken off, snagged or pulled out. Don’t risk damaging your hair – throw out those bobby pins when they’ve lost their plastic covering.


Using the bobby pin upside down defeats the purpose of the grooves. The grooves are designed to help “grip” the hair and help the bobby pin stay in place better. For maximum hold, make sure the grooves are facing down before you put the pin in your hair.


Using a bobby pin to secure wet hair can cause unsightly indentations. Most experts don’t recommend using bobby pins to secure wet hair UNLESS you want your hair to dry in the shape you’ve secured it in. Those little grooves, which work so well to grip hair, can also make little indentation marks in your perfect coif.


Spreading apart a bobby pin too much reduces its effectiveness. If you’ve noticed your bobby pins aren’t working like they should, spare your teeth (or fingers!) and stop spreading them before inserting them.


Using a booby pin to secure all your hair doesn’t work. In fact, bobby pins work better if they’re used to secure only a portion of hair (I know, seems contradictory, right?). Instead gently twist or swoop your hair into place and secure just a portion of your hair with the bobby pin. To help the bobby pins grip, mist a texture spray like R+Co’s Trophy throughout strands before styling.


Using rusty bobby pins is not good for your hair or your scalp. Because most bobby pins are made of metal they can rust just like any other metal does. Rust can prevent pins from gliding smoothly along hair and snag, snap or pull at delicate locks. Also, if you accidentally scratch your scalp with a rusty bobby pin, you run the risk of infection. If you see any rust forming on a bobby pin, it’s time to throw it away.