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Your Healthy Hair Questions Answered

Your Healthy Hair Questions Answered

You want healthy hair and you want it now. What products are best for revitalizing dry hair? When is it ok to do an at home treatment and when is it best to seek professional help?

  Q. How can I tell if my hair is dry?

A. Dry, brittle hair is usually a lot less flexible than healthy hair and is usually “rough” to the touch. If your hair even remotely resembles a piece of straw, you’re in need of some hair repair.  Dry hair also typically tends to be dull and has breakage (split ends).


Q. Is there a difference between dry hair and damaged hair?

A. Yes. Hair can be both dry and damaged at the same time, but can be just dry or just damaged. As mentioned above, dry hair is usually rough and dull. Signs of damaged hair are brittleness (look for a lot of breakage around the crown of the head) and shedding. If you notice quite a bit amount of hair falling out every time you brush or style, that’s a good indication your hair is damaged.


Q. What causes dry and damaged hair?

A. There are a number of internal and external factors that can cause dry and damaged hair. Some of the more common causes of dry and damaged hair are sun exposure, heat styling (straightening, curling, blow drying), and hair color.

To minimize the effects heat styling has on your hair, try Royal Blowout by Oribe. This award-winning heat styling product helps keep hair soft and shiny while decreasing dry time.


Q. How do I know when I need professional help or if I can do an at home treatment?

A. If you’re at all unsure of the state of your hair, we recommend you see a professional first before attempting any at home treatments. A skilled stylist will evaluate your hair for both dryness and damage, and make recommendations specifically tailored to the needs of your hair. Correcting dryness or damage may be as simple as switching out what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use.


Q. What are the most popular products for revitalizing dry and damaged hair?

A. Conditioning treatments have been and continue to be the most popular treatment for dry and damaged hair. At Blowbunny, we specialize in creating conditioning treatments specifically suited to the needs of our client’s hair.

Masques are also a popular treatment for correcting dry and damaged hair. We love Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Masque. It’s made with Oribe’s signature complex, which helps to strengthen weak strands, and can be left on the hair for however long you want.