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Blowbunny: Blow Dry & Hair Extension Bar
10445 Craftsman Way 132
San DiegoCA 92127
 (858) 312-5556

Workout Proof Your Blowout

Whether you're in downward dog or tucking it at the barre follow these 3 easy steps to workout proof your blowout.


Apply dry shampoo to your roots before your workout to minimize the the moisture from transferring from your scalp to the rest of your hair. Powder based versions are better at absorbing sweat than their aerosol cousins. 

We all hate the dreaded blowout killer aka the ponytail dent. Ditch the elastic hair ties and secure your hair into a mid to high bun with bobby pins. Sport your bun with a sweat absorbent headband to keep the perspiration off your hairline and most importantly try not to touch your hair with your hands. Dirt and sweat are sure to sabotage your oh so perfect blowout.

Dab any excess sweat with a towel before shaking out your strands. Then, apply a few more pumps of dry shampoo and massage into the scalp. To revive shape and shine, flip your head over and give hair a blast with a blow-dryer on the cool setting using a flat brush with boar bristles. Optional: Finish with hair refresher and own the day!