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Blowbunny: Blow Dry & Hair Extension Bar
10445 Craftsman Way 132
San DiegoCA 92127
 (858) 312-5556

How to Make Your Blowout Last

1. Look but don't touch (seriously, we mean it)

Constantly running your fingers through your hair or puffing up the roots? Keep your hands away from you hair! The natural oils on your skin plus those laced in hand cream will coat strands and ruin your blowout.

2. Preserve while you sleep

Reach for a scrunchie and pull your hair into a low pony or high loose top bun before laying your head down on (preferably) silk pillowcase. Silk creates less friction than traditional linen which means less frizz. 

3. Don't let moisture win

Upgrade your #basic shower cap to a terrycloth lined one for an extra level of protection against moisture. Be cautious post shower too. The moist, humid air in your bathroom can cause frizz, let your hair down in a different room.

4. Oil be gone!

Two words, dry shampoo. Need we say more?