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Hair Extensions: Color Matching

Getting the right color hair extensions is an important part of the process to achieving a natural seamless look. Different companies and salons use different color measurements on their extensions, so it can become a tad confusing. Jet Black is just black...right? Nope. Jet black (along with many other colors) can have cool or warm undertones. These undertones drastically change the color's appearance and overall look once applied.

Our number one tip for getting the perfect match is to identify your hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. Your base/root color tends to be darker and will be hidden once the extensions have been applied. Blending your hair from the mid to bottom portion is critical for a natural look. Also when deciding between a few colors try them out in natural light. Stand in front of a window (not directly in sunlight) and hold the swatches to your hair, maybe even have you're stylist take a photo to see how it photographs. 

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