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Blowbunny: Blow Dry & Hair Extension Bar
10445 Craftsman Way 132
San DiegoCA 92127
 (858) 312-5556

The Reasons Why Your Tape Ins Are Slipping

1. Harsh Shampoo & Too Much Conditioner

Mild, gentle, and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner play nice with your tape in extensions. Sulfates break down the tape over time, leaving little tape for your natural hair to bond to. We know you want to keep your new locks goddess like but excessive conditioner (especially on the roots/base of your hair) will also cause your extensions to slip out. Play it safe and only apply hair oils, leave in conditioner sprays, and product from mid-shaft down, never directly on the tape! 

We love Oribe's Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner for tape ins. Out of all their products this combo has the least ingredients making it a suitable for the entire family, even baby.

2. Naturally Oil Hair/Scalp

If you don't own a bottle (or two) of dry shampoo, stop what you're doing immediately and go stock up. Dry shampoo will prolong the life of your extensions by absorbing the excess oil. And with little to no oil, you'll be less inclined to wash your hair as often. Dry shampoo can also be used to give you the look and feel of second day hair for ease of styling. Easihair Pro's keratin infused dry shampoo also helps rebuild bonds, making it the most versatile product available (it smells delicious too). 

3. Rough Brushing 

Always brush your luscious hair gently! Use one hand to hold the base (where the bonds are) and the other to brush in a downward motion. A brush with smaller bristles will make it easier to groom through all your hair and will get you closest to the roots. Excessive tugging will PULL your hair out, leaving you in some pain. Brush everyday to keep your natural hair from matting around the bonds.