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3 Products Your Extensions Need Now

Simple hair extension care involves gentle brushing and limited washing. But there are also a number of products that can aid in your hair extension care. Not sure how to care for your extensions? Check out our Hair Extension Essential Care Tips on how to prolong and maintain healthy looking hair.

Dry Shampoo 

One of the most important hair extension care products is dry shampoo. Especially directly post-application, you shouldn’t be showering for at least 48 hours. After that, we recommend shampooing 2-3 times per week. In order to avoid oiliness and noticeably greasy hair at the roots, a dry shampoo will do wonders. Look for a dry shampoo like  Rush and Brush  that is keratin infused. Keratin is a protein that helps your hair growth cycle move faster, helping you regenerate hair and aiding your real hair in growing to the lengths you want it to be. You should also look for a dry shampoo that is paraben free, chloride free, and sulfate free—basically free of any “filler” ingredients that make the product potentially damaging to color treated hair and extensions. Finally, look for a dry shampoo that is talc free so there is no visible white residue on darker hair.

Heat Treatment Spray

Don't abuse your hair extensions! It needs the same TLC as your real hair when it comes to heat styling. In order to keep extensions healthy, we suggest a  heat treatment spray  that’s intended for application prior to heat styling. This will lock in the cuticle and leave it less vulnerable to heat damage. What's our favorite? Glad you asked. We love R & Co's Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray.  This lightweight setting spray helps hair get into formation – it adds style memory to lay the foundation for long-lasting blow outs or curling iron sets, protects from heat and keeps frizz and flyways locked out.  

Detangling Brush

Do you really need this "special" brush? If this is what you're asking yourself the answer is YES. A quality detangling brush is essential  to the lifespan of your extensions. A wet to dry detangling brush will provide gentle detangling of real hair and extensions. We promise you'll feel more comfortable brushing from the roots of your tape bonds to the tip without tearing them out.