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Tape In Hair Extensions: Why They Work

Hair extensions have gotten a bad rep throughout the years for being high maintenance, damaging and costly for anyone that isn't an A-List celebrity. We're here to set the record straight and give you a few reasons why you should try them.

1. They don't look fake. Tape-in extensions lie completely flat on your head and are so comfortable, you forget you're wearing them. Keep in mind not all hair is created equal. Matching hair texture, color, and thickness are crucial for a natural, this is my hair look. When shopping for hair don't be shy, ask questions! Any hair worth investing in should be 100% human hair, that's the bare minimum. Give the hair a feel (and smell), if it feels synthetic it probably has been coated with silicone for temporary shine and softness. 

2. Care is easy. Wash, blow-dry, curl, braid, do whatever your heart desires, your extensions will do what your natural hair does (and sometimes even better).  Grab all our care tips here: Hair Extension Essential Care Tips

3. Getting them put in—and taken out—is easy. It takes two hours tops, no longer than a head of balayage. The extension hair is bonded to supersticky medical grade tape strips. The stylist peels off the cover (just like a sticker), revealing the adhesive, and sandwiches small sections of natural hair between two of these strips. Removal, that's even faster. The stylist drenches the tape bonds in a solution that loosens the adhesive, then gently wiggles the extensions off. We recommend a removal and/or reapplication (also known as Move Ups) every eight to ten weeks. As your hair grows out, the bond inches farther away from the root, and the farther the bond is from the root, the more likely it is twist and tangle. 

4. If applied correctly and treated with care, tape in extensions pose no threat to the overall health of your hair. They don't require heat to bond or any special tools. We've got other reasons why tape-ins are the superior hair extension method, get the details here: 5 Reasons Why Tape In Extensions Are The Best Hair Extensions Method You don't have to accept your hair as is when all your #hairgoals are totally attainable.