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Best Summer Hair Tips and Tricks

If there’s ever a time for shiny, vibrant, luscious hair, it’s summer. But your locks may actually take a hit over the next few months. Sun and water can be damaging, leading to faded color, split ends and a brittle, dry texture. Hair color is such an investment and hopping in the chlorine or salt water can just strip them right out of the hair and cause it to look dull and dehydrated. 


Not exactly the look you were going for, right? Fear not: There are plenty of tricks to protect your hair this summer.


Start in the shower.  Opt for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Oribe’s Brilliance & Shine provides weightless hydration and bright gloss largely thanks to a combination of sunflower seed extract and sweet almond protein. Make sure products don’t contain harsh sulfates, parabens or sodium chlorine, which will weigh down your locks.


Use UV-shielding products.  You put sunscreen on your skin to prevent burns. And likewise, an array of products are specifically designed to protect your hair from UV rays. These can help prevent highlighted hair from lightening too quickly and looking fried, and they can keep dark hair from turning brassy or red. Nikki Fontenot, stylist likes Oribe’s Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream. “It’s the perfect lightweight leave in conditioner for people on the go and those who air dry”.  Keep in mind that products always need to be applied to damp hair. Otherwise, they’ll sit on the surface and won’t absorb into the hair. “ For my clients with hair extensions I always, always, remind them to keep oils and creams away from the scalp. Apply product about 3-4 inches down,” says Fontenot. “Oils can interfere with the bonds”.

Dampen your locks and brush carefully. Spray some water on your hair before you go into the pool or ocean. It adds an extra layer of coating, so when you go swimming, your hair isn’t as likely to absorb 100 percent of the chlorinated water. “You won’t have this huge concentration of chlorine or salt water,” Fontenot says. “It’ll be diluted because your hair is already wet.” Also since hair is most fragile when it’s wet, don’t rip a brush through it after swimming. Spray some detangler, we love R +Co’s Pinstripe, on it and then use a wide-tooth comb or wet brush to minimize breakage.


The ultimate reset: Clarify. Clarifying also go under the names "purifying," "detox" and deep-cleansing," are designed to remove stubborn build-up from your hair. Think slippery silicones, waxes, moisturizers or plain old gunk from your regular shampoo, conditioner or styling products (including hair oils, mousses, hairsprays and dry shampoo). Clarifying also helps to lift away mineral deposits from hard water, and the chlorine and other chemicals that stick to hair in a swimming pool.  


An intense in salon clarifying treatment and can help re-start your regimen.  “I like the hard water treatment by Malibu C because there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it. Especially those who struggle with brassiness,” says Fontenot. It’s also a good idea to introduce a clarifying shampoo once a week for maintenance. 

Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know what has worked for you most. We love sharing with you and hearing your feedback. Wishing you a very lovely summer and healthy beautiful hair!  Shop all these products and more at